Glenwood Sunrise Engagement Session | Marcy and David

Oh my gosh I’m so pumped to share this blog post with you because Marcy and David are SO special!! I hadn’t really met either of them before their engagement session recently so I was so excited to see them together and get to know them a little bit more and OMG I love these two!! Their sunrise summer engagement session was sooo much fun! Marcy and David both obviously make each other so happy. Getting to watch little interactions between them was so sweet, these two really can’t stop smiling and giggling when they are around each other!

When we were first planning their engagement session Marcy had asked me if they could get some photos with their pups, Tanka and Aurora, and all I could think of was UM YES?! I love dogs and getting to shoot with Marcy and David’s little family was a BLAST. Tank and Aurora were such troopers, they were so excited to be there and listened waaaayy better than my dogs ever could have haha! The four of them really functioned like a small family and I cannot wait for them to make that official on their wedding day!!

Marcy and David truly are a sweet couple. They understand each other so well and can really know how the other is feeling without even saying it! Although now these two obviously care for each other so much, their relationship had a littttle bit of a different start! They first met back in 2013 when Marcy was working as a manager at a store that had signs all along the road that the city wanted them to take down. After being bugged by the town Marcy’s boss had taken them down himself not knowing David would then show up to take them down. As he walked in the shop Marcy quickly explained to him that they were already taken down and he could go find them himself! HA! Afterwards Marcy had felt so bad about being rude to a stranger she called up her maid of honor and vented about it! An entire year later Marcy and David ended up meeting on! They chatted on the app and eventually had some phone call dates where Marcy told David she liked his sexy phone voice haha they then realized they had met a year earlier and Marcy was so thankful David didn’t hold a grudge toward her from the incident at the store! 

They’ve been engaged since August 2018 and honestly these two are such a great pair, they are like two peas in a pod! They both love each other’s sense of humor and ability to make each other laugh and the fact that they are their best selves when they’re together. AW I LOVE THEM. Marcy and David are both such positive people and are looking to get the most out of the life they have together! From adventuring in the snow and in the woods to relaxing together at the end of the day, these two balance their love to travel and to enjoy each other’s company perfectly. Marcy absolutely loves heading over to the drive in theater with Tank and Aurora where her and David can chow down on some dinner and have a great night under the stars. David’s perfect date with Marcy has to have snow and well, Marcy, the love of his life and of course it’ll be perfect!

I truly am so thankful they reached out to me to photograph their wedding this year. Being around them reminds me what true love and happiness looks like and you really can’t help but smile when around them! I CANNOT wait for their fall wedding this September at Blue Mountain Resort in Pennsylvania, it’s going to be such a fun day celebrating with the future Mr. and Mrs. Woodworth!!