More about who runs this blog anyway

It just seems right to start a blog with a little information about who's writing all the posts, doesn't it? I apologize if you stumble through any of these sentences in your head while you're reading, I write how I talk so maybe just try to imagine my very fast paced talking while you read. Okay, ready? LETS GOOOOOOOO!

Hi! I'm Corinne and I'm about 6 weeks out from graduating with a BFA in photography from Kutztown University. Here's my face!

If you asked me if I ever thought I would be writing blog posts and trying to make it on the internet I'd would say hell no. I had to work for a magazine or a company and how do bloggers even make a living?! That was definitely the thought process when I officially decided photography would be my path in life 6 years ago, but here I am taking a stab at it. Even though I only recently decided the photography life was the one for me, it wasn't a recent hobby.

I've been shooting my whole life! I come from a very creative family with talents ranging from photography and fine arts to writing and music. It was something I was always interested in but I took some detours along the way...

Fast forward to fourth grade when they first introduce students to band and choir and you guessed it, I joined and began playing the trumpet. My love for music blossomed, it became my life outside of school. Once I hit eighth grade I began playing the french horn (my favorite and main instrument) and when high school came I joined marching band. My sophomore year I decided music was it, I wanted to play in orchestras that recorded movie soundtracks. It was then my junior year when I took my first photography class, full on film and I was like wait I think I can get way more into this and the rest is history. Band and music was still a HUGE part of my life in high school, by senior year I was involved in several ensembles and learned how to play the euphonium, trombone and even marched tuba my senior year in marching band (which is a feat in itself because it is about half my size!).

Another thing I love about my creative little family is its love for Disney which has been passed on to me. Yes, I come from one of those Disney obsessed families but trust me it's not as cult-y as it sounds! I've been visiting Walt Disney World in Florida since I was three years old. It's almost embarrassing to share that I've been to Disney almost the same number of years I've been alive...let that sink in. It's really just a place for me to get away from the real world and delve into my love for magic, creativity and fun. I'm kind of obsessed with how extreme they theme the parks, resorts and restaurants because there is SO MUCH attention to detail it blows my mind. And getting a look into the animation and history of the Disney company is just way more interesting than social studies classes in middle school, I love it. Now bringing children to Disney is no easy task, I'm not sure how my parents did it, especially when one of your children has ridiculously long hair...hi, that was me. To keep it from becoming a total mess while running around 90 degree theme parks, my mom put my hair in pigtails to keep it out of the way. And with that comes the magic of Disney and every character naturally posing by holding my hair in the air like Goofy ears. We have way too many photos of me in Disney just like this with my sister laughing at me in every single one.

My true love right under photography has to be Vermont. My family has been visiting Waitsfield, Vermont since my mom was a baby, so, a while. It's become my home away from home and brings me a sense of comfort and happiness I haven't found many other places. It's basically an upgraded version of my hometown here in New Jersey. Same stuff, just bigger. Bigger mountains, bigger farms, bigger lakes. It's awesome. Since I was a kid I always enjoyed being outdoors where you could find me probably without shoes on, getting a little dirty and just exploring what the earth had to offer me. Some of my favorite things to do outside were climbing trees, being in water for hours upon hours and digging through snow, sand and yeah those little onion plants that pop up in the summer. I still love most of these things (even the smell of those onions I know it's weird but let's just move on from that). Vermont just made all those things so much more grand and I was HERE for it as a child.

Added to my list of outdoorsy things I like to do include hiking, which until recently I realized hasn't been thaaat much of hiking but a lot of naturey walks haha. BUT that is soon to change as the summer comes and my itch to explore will grow. I love a good swim in basically any body of water except the ocean, waves are big and scary okay? I like calm water where I can float around and maybe even try some more kayaking. I even may take up some rock climbing too which is super fun when I'm inside and can fall onto a fluffy mat, but a little scary when if I forget to do something with a rope I'll fall and break...but we'll see where that goes never say never!

I would say this is just a little summary of who I am but I'm a pretty simple person this is about all there is to know about me! These few main things fuel my path in life whether it comes to exploring the outdoors or exploring my creative abilities. So, with more exciting things to come after graduation this May, that also means more exciting blog posts. Stick around for a while, stay tuned and grab some popcorn cause I'm excited to watch where life is gonna take me.