This year I was invited back to photograph MEVO’s annual Farm Feast and I am so excited to tell you all more about it! A perfect fall day on a farm featuring rows of organically grown produce, string lights, and farm-fresh food? How can it get better than that. 

Mahwah Environmental Volunteers Organization, or MEVO’s, director is my good friend, Violet. The work she does with her team to bring fresh food and environmental awareness to her community is remarkable. Their main goal is to build grassroots momentum for the environmental movement within local communities and to inspire individuals to create long-term change within their community. Through volunteer work, CSA, farmer’s markets, partnerships with organizations like the NJ/NY Trail Conference and so much more, they bring on dozens of students and community members to help spread their mission. 

As a not-for-profit organization, MEVO does its best to raise money to keep its goal of sustainability alive through donations. One way they do this is with their annual Farm Feast! One magical night each year, hundreds of farm and food-lovers gather at Freshroots Farm in Mahwah, New Jersey to feast on delicacies that came straight from the fields they sit among. 

Although this year’s feast looked a little different due to COVID, the evening still burst with local goodness and passion! Still, a local chef took to their outdoor kitchen to curate a menu around the in-season produce and show the community that fresh, really is best. 

With field, trail and environmental work to be done all year long, MEVO is always looking to take on more volunteers to help keep their work going. Just being on the farm is an amazing experience in itself, from the fresh flowers you can brew for tea to the bees that make their honey, you will be in awe of what MEVO has created for its community.