One of my favorite ways to get outside is simply by going for a walk. I joke that whoever walks with me must hate it, because like a kid seeing everything with fresh eyes, I point out almost everything I notice. The way light bounces through leaves, little salamanders that run across your toes, the way your feet sink and slip on the earth or that smell - that fresh, dirt, clean, happy smell … you know? 

Maybe that’s the photographer in me noticing little things, or maybe it’s the curiosity that never ceases or the love of simplicity in those little things. Either way, it sure does make me happy. And while most of us nowadays are cherishing those daily walks, I think they’re something to continue and not take for granted in a daily routine.

When not confined to my home, (which thankfully rests on a hill in a lovely neighborhood) I love hitting up my favorite local trails. From early in the morning, to pre drinks with friends strolls, or afternoon hikes, there’s always a good reason to get out for a bit. Some of my favorite places to hit up around my neck of the woods include portions of the Appalachian Trail, like the Vernon Boardwalk or the Highway 17A trail in Warwick, NY. Hitting up the local state parks is never a bad idea either, like Wawayanda or High Point! 

No matter where or when, I try to look for some way to get out and explore a little, even if it’s just my own backyard (which I recently found Morels in!!). I hope this inspires you to continue, or start, your walks and to pause on those fleeting moments that catch your eye along the way.

Happy trails :)

Always check which trails and parks are open before visiting and recreate safely!

Vernon Boardwalk via Appalachian Trail

Highway 17A trail in Warwick, NY

Wawayanda State Park

High Point State Park