Summer is in full swing and it’s one of my favorite seasons! One thing I love about summer is the fun outfits I can create. Admittedly you can usually just find me in shorts and a good worn t-shirt, but once in a while I love to let my style shine. 

My style has mainly been described as earthy crunchy, but depending on the day it could go from super boho to 90s vibes! When it comes it department store shopping, I've been trying to avoid it as much as possible. So when I go shopping I looovvve to thrift! Thrifting is a great option for a lot of reasons. It’s a great way to save money and you can often find great staple pieces for less than half the price they normally would be. Thrifting is also an amazing eco-friendly option. Buying second hand instead of new helps cut carbon emissions, saves water and energy. Not only that, but you’re not supporting fast fashion!

I'm no expert in the realm of thrifting, but I love it because you can find one of a kind items that will last a really long time, and is definitely a more sustainable way to shop. You can find your style and rock it with a few staple closet items rather than a billion articles of clothing. Except t-shirts...I am a t-shirt hoarder. It’s fine we all keep clothes from like, 4th grade right?

Everything featured in today’s post has either been thrifted or given to me second hand! Being the tiny size I am, I get a loooottt of hand-me-downs. The only things not thrifted in this post are jewelry and shoes. (Shoes are insanely hard for me to thrift because I wear such a small size!) 

If everyone bought just one used item instead of new this year, we would save almost 6 billions pounds of carbon emissions. I hope you like this fun little look into my closet, and it inspires you to find some fun pieces thrifting this summer!

Have fun thrifting :)

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