Jess and Henri’s engagement session was an incredibly special evening. This spring was filled with engagement sessions, which really made me realize how much joy it is to meet and work with these families and couples. Each time I spend a few hours with these unique people it is an endless amount of fun, and Jess and Henri’s was no different! What added to their engagement session was the inclusion of their daughters, Lulu, Lilah and Lucy. Getting to spend time with them was just so cheerful, and I honestly couldn’t stop telling my friends about how much fun I had shooting with them.

Jess and Henri’s love story started 5 years ago. Jess was looking to get a tattoo done when her friend suggested checking out Henri’s new shop in Florida, NY. When they first met the sparks flew! Jess left the shop that day thinking, “how am I going to sit through a four hour tattoo with the most adorable person I've ever met?”. Her tattoo session with Henri ended up becoming a four hour first date. It was so special to them both because of past relationships, loving the time with their own daughters and not seeking anything out, but they knew they had a connection immediately. 

Jess and Henri are a pleasure to be around. They bring such a sense of calmness to those around them (which helped calm my nerves before their session!). Not to mention being around Lulu, Lilah and Lucy is awesome too! They are the 3 sweetest sisters, and I felt like I formed a little gal pal club with them that evening haha. Jess and Henri are easy going, family oriented and active.

I have to share their proposal story too because hearing it made me feel like they have true love, and that’s what anyone looking for should strive for. When they first moved into a home together, that’s when Henri knew he wanted to be with Jess for the rest of his life. A year later they were looking for a home when Jess fell in love with their current house. As it can, the house buying process caused some friction. Before they even saw the house, Henri had a song he could not get out of his head, but the meaning of it dawned on him when he left the house inspection out of frustration. He found Jess right where he left her, knelt beside her and said, “It doesn't matter if we buy this house and the roof falls on our heads. As long as I'm in there with you, together. That's what matters. I want to marry you. And together we can handle anything.”. (It’s okay we’re all crying together as we read sweet is that!!)

 They are so excited to tie the knot after postponing their wedding due to COVID. Jess and Henri are most excited about the ceremony and celebrating with their family. It’s going to be a truly special day and I cannot wait to celebrate alongside them!