This afternoon with Zoe and John could not have been more perfect. They had been dreaming of having their engagement session here in Vermont and hoped for some snow. It had been so warm until about a week before their engagement session we just got dumped on! It was perfect. When the day came it was meant to be overcast pretty much all day, but just in time the sun came out and made for the most beautiful lighting for their session! A unique mix of winter and spring at a mountain lake in Vermont, what could be better?

As a couple Zoe and John love to be outdoors and adventure while still being homebodies. They love to experience new things, hike, and swim in the ocean, but also love date nights at home cooking pasta together, and cozying up. Their perfect date night includes just that, a walk outside followed by dinner together at home. Zoe and John are just meant to be. Even after being with them for their session, I could tell how well their personalities mesh and how in love they are.

My favorite part of getting to know these two has to be how they began to share their proposal story. Zoe began with, "John proposed on a Monday, which is a truly incredible way to ensure that you surprise your future fiance." Which I just thought was so funny! And truly such a good plan to surprise someone. They had been decorating their Christmas tree that night and when Zoe turned around to grab another ornament, John was there on one knee.

John is curious about the world around him and engages with people in the most earnest way which Zoe loves about him. He is silly and smart and the perfect match for Zoe. She feels so lucky to be able to be his partner in life. Likewise, Zoe is thoughtful and ready for adventure big and small. John never thought he would find someone he could truly be himself with, but with Zoe he has. They are so looking forward to their wedding this year! Especially the cake, being married, of course, and having all of their favorite people in one room.