Central Park Senior Session

Oh my gosh I don’t even know where to begin with this post. I’m so excited to share with you guys Daniella’s Central Park Grad Session in New York City!! I was so excited about this session because while I’ve done grad sessions before, I’ve never shot in New York City so this was totally new and exciting for me!  

This was an especially fun session because I’ve known Daniella for a few years now! We went to high school together, were in marching band together and had many mutual friends! The crazy part is, she’s one year younger than me and she graduated the same year as me - aka she’s one year ahead of everyone else!! That to me is like, seriously impressive. Daniella graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice majoring in Forensic Psychology. She’s also a member of Psi Chi (a national honors society for psychology) and a research assistant in multiple labs! This girl can do it all!  

My day began in the afternoon taking the bus my dad takes into the city every week for work and eventually making my way to Columbus Circle to meet with Daniella and her friend Sam. I had never been to Columbus Circle and honestly can barely remember the last time I was in Central Park so this was all SO new for me! Daniella had mentioned that her school didn’t have much of a traditional campus so she figured the streets around Columbus Circle would make for some awesome cityscape pictures and Central Park would balance those out with the greenery and trees!

 Going to school in NYC was kind of perfect for Daniella because she loves visiting new cafes and restaurants, exploring different parts of the city with her friends but also loves hiking - I mean, who doesn’t when you grow up in Vernon, NJ? Being in New York for 3 years let her explore in the hustle and bustle of the city and be around so many different kinds of people while still being close to her roots and getting into nature every once in a while. Being able to combine the bustling streets of New York with the more natural scenery in Central Park was a perfect mix for her session!

The awesome part about Daniella’s Grad Session was that we got to shoot in so many meaningful locations. Columbus Circle being the first one, right next to her city campus, Central park which felt a little bit like home in NJ and a very special bridge in Central Park as well! Daniella’s friend Sam came along for the session which was so sweet. She was obviously so proud of Daniella and was sad to see her go an entire year early! They had the sweetest moments on the bridge together which had lots of memories for them. It made me think about how much I appreciate my friends and how I never want to leave them once we all graduate!

 Daniella this session was SO much fun! Thanks for getting me out of my comfort zone (hiding in the mountains in NJ) and into the city which kind of scares me!! Being able to take pictures with you in the city was an amazing experience and I will never forget it. Congratulations on graduating from John Jay and I know you will do AMAZING things in your life. You radiate kindness and are a brilliant person, your future is bright Daniella I can’t wait to see where it takes you!!