Introducingggg….FREYA! Freya is my Senior Spokesmodel for the 2019/2020 season and I cannot wait to tell you all about her because she is absolutely amazing. Before I get into that I want to talk a little bit about what being a Senior Spokesmodel for me is like! 

My Senior Spokesmodel program is offered for students entering their senior year of high school. During your entire senior year you'll share your photos on social media, make new friends on the team, have multiple professional photo shoots (by yours truly) and not to mention have a killer Instagram (or VSCO if you’re into that) feed ALL YEAR LONG! You have the chance to earn back the entirety of the application fee AND receive exclusive perks as well! (2021 seniors...applications are gonna open soooon!)

Okay, okay enough about that, I want to introduce you guys to Freya! She is my first ever Senior Spoksmodel and wow has she set the bar high. She’ll be graduating from Vernon Township High School this June, and will be majoring in Art Education in college (YES! Another art person like me :) ). Some of her hobbies include track, volleyball, painting/drawing, reading, and decorating. 

Freya absolutely loves nature. She works at a state park, usually has paint stains on her hands and daydreams about useless inventions and unique superpowers. When she graduates, Freya is most excited to travel! She cannot wait to roadtrip to national parks, visit new states and create more art. 

I’m so excited for Freya to be on my team this year because she truly is a girl after my own heart. If I was her age, I think we’d definitely be bffs :) Freya is one of the most humble, supportive and imaginative people I’ve met. Her creative talents are going to take her so far after she graduates and I cannot wait to the journey she’s going to take after high school!