I know technically Halloween was only a few days ago, and actually we shot this session THE DAY AFTER Halloween...buuuuut we could use some holiday spirit this year! When Denise and Randy told me they wanted to have a Christmassy theme to their engagement session I was SO on board. I absolutely love the holiday season, from the moment fall starts til New Years Day - so you could say I was a little excited. We decided the best location would be a Christmas Tree farm, and Emmerich Tree Farm in Warwick did the trick! 

The weather was calling for a decent amount of rain later in the day, so we decided to go ahead and stick out the rain hoping we’d get by. It didn’t quite work out in our favor...BUT I really feel like it looked more like a little flurry than a rain shower! Denise and Randy were amazing. They stuck out the rain, helped keep all the props and my equipment dry and smiled through it all!

Denise and Randy went through all of grade school and high school together, but didn’t really connect until after graduation. When they went away to college, they started talking more and bonded over their love of dogs! They are a super goofy couple, which made spending the afternoon with them so enjoyable. Denise and Randy love to kayak, hike, take day trips and think nothing beats a good pillow fort! 

They were engaged this past May, and the story is too cute! Denise and Randy woke up at 3 a.m., yes 3 o’clock in the morning to go hike up Mt. Tammany for sunrise. They ended up accidentally taking the LONGEST trail to get up there and it took them about 2 hours just to get to the top! Completely exhausted and not feeling their best, Denise asked Randy if he wanted to turn around and he said no for obvious reasons! When they got to the top Randy popped the question. Denise said it was so sweet!

Denise and Randy cannot wait for their backyard wedding next fall. They are most excited to celebrate with their entire families for a laid back day with lots of yummy food! They also happened to be getting married on Denise’s grandparents’ anniversary, which is so sweet. I cannot wait to celebrate with them next year on their BEST DAY EVER!