I Graduated from College

AHHH! Words cannot describe how I feel about graduating from college! I feel like these past four years have happened SO fast, especially this last semester, and I feel like I can't keep up! It really has happened in the blink of an eye.

Reflecting back on these past four years, a lot has happened but don't worry I'm going to make this quick haha! I got accepted into college in 2015 along with one of my closest friends at a school where my sister and her boyfriend both attended, Kutztown University! Life was exciting at the time! New state, new home, new friends, everything was changing and I was feeling pretty ready. The first month at school I felt like I wasn't in school at all! With all the free time, warm weather and hanging out between classes I thought, "This is SO easy?!" And if you went, go to, or know anything about college, you know that did not last.

Being in an art program with very little experience in art besides hiding behind a lens definitely had its impacts on me. I almost gave up honestly. Each week I kept thinking, "I'm not meant to be here, this isn't the right path for me I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO". But my family encouraged me and urged me to just keep going because it will get better with time. And they were right! It was a slow go, but surely it did get better. I got the hang of looking out into the world and breaking it down into forms to draw, finding the best way to get paint out of clothes and printing photos strategically to save the most money! After four years of what felt like FOREVER now feels like it absolutely flew by.

During my time in college I feel like I've grown into a completely different person, definitely in a good way! Everything that happened in and out of school shaped me into who I am today and I wouldn't dream of going back and changing a thing. And now I'm finally on the other side! Being sent out from being stuck in the studio for all hours of the day into the real world! I can't even put into words how EXCITED I am to start this new journey. I feel like I've waited forever for this moment and it's finally here!! It's all changing and I'm almost getting used to being an adult but I think I'm ready for it!

I'm beginning to learn to JUST DO IT. Do the fun things, the scary things, the exciting things and love it all! Your life is your story and I cannot wait to start writing my own. So whether you're also graduating from college, starting a new job or just need some inspiration to keep doing you, I leave you with with this line from a song by my fave National Park Radio...

"So you should go do what you love, do everything you're dreaming of, and as you grow make life your own."