This session is so special for a lot of reasons! If you've been around my Instagram long enough you know Megan is my OG model from 2014 and probably earlier. As any best friend to a photographer knows, that's just the role you fill as they take their artistic journey! She's my best friend and I couldn't be more proud of her for graduating this year! This session was just filled with laughter, memories, and catching up.

Truthfully, Megan graduated weeks ago. Like walked in the ceremony and everything...but our first session, you guessed it, got rained out. So we made it work and oh boy am I glad we waited! We decided to shoot at Laurelwood Arboretum not only because it's beautiful and Megan loves wildlife and flowers, but Megan's schooling was done at all local campuses so we went for the prettier option!

Megan graduated with a Certificate in Diagnostic Medical Sonography and is on her way to becoming a vascular ultrasound technician. Hence her very clever and adorable cap decor (I'm obsessed)! She and her classmates went through an intensive two-year program together and became super closer over those years because of it, which she cherishes. Watching Megan progress through school has been a journey, but it was so inspiring to see her never give up. I think she's truly found a path she is meant to be on.

From trying to teach me how to crochet, hiking and bouldering together, or getting scoops at our local favorite, Dairy Swirl, our friendship is lifelong. The journey has only just begun for Megan and I cannot wait to be supporting her the entire way!