What a way to get back into senior sessions for the 2021 season, wow. Amrit’s senior session at Rowan University was simply gorgeous! Besides the fact that it was approximately one million degrees outside, it was pretty perfect. The flowers were in full bloom, the lighting was amazing, and Amrit’s dress complimented her graduation gown and the colorful background so beautifully. It was honestly an ideal session!

It was my first time at Rowan and wow I love that campus! There are so many pretty, hidden gems all around and the perfect mix of buildings and green space. Amrit commuted to Rowan and graduated this year with a degree in Communications. This year for most seniors, wasn’t ideal for graduating, but Amrit made the most of it and was so happy to celebrate with her friends and family!

In her free time, Amrit loves to read, paint and go to the beach. She loves neutral and warm tones, yellow being her favorite color, and I feel like the boho in her personality really came out in her senior portraits! Amrit’s ideal weekend is going out and about with friends and family, and of course, having a good glass of wine. 

What shined through in Amrit’s senior session was her artsy personality. I absolutely loooved that she brought biodegradable confetti and champagne to pop, which got us both excited! I reassured her at first that I would help her pose the entire session, but by the end, she was KILLING IT! I can’t wait to see what Amrit goes on to do and the creativity she will bring to those around her.