This is something a little out of the box but something that I also find great joy in. MAKING PLAYLISTS! I know it’s random and if you absolutely hate the idea of searching through songs and adding them to playlists, don’t worry there’s stuff for you in here too ;) This is all about the perfect summer playlist. Summer is right around the corner but I think since late February ? I’ve been listening to my summer playlist to get me excited for the warm weather! 

I love creating themed content. I always have. From themed birthday parties, to themed nights with friends to dressing to fit any occasion, I truly love a good themed moment haha. Playlists are one of those underrated themed things that sometimes gets overlooked - but not by me! Instead of liking every song I love and having it jumbled in one big playlist, I like to listen to music based on my mood. And I think a lot of people do too, but without playlists there’s a lot of time spent skipping songs which I rarely do. 

So yes, I create playlists based on mood. I use Spotify for all my music because it's super user friendly, you can follow your friends and you can use it for free! I have playlists to listen to for while making art and doing homework, for fall vibes and folksy, rainy evenings, for when you need a confidence boost or when I just want to listen to my fave genre! But one playlist I constantly come back to is my summer playlist. This is one that has taken me a long time to perfect but I think I’ve finally got it. Here’s some things I thought about when making the playlist, especially keeping in mind when I’d be listening to it: 

-songs that need to be played loud

-songs that give you the urge to sing (and you don’t ever deny it)

-songs that make you dance without noticing

-songs that you listen to in the car (usually with the windows down)

-feel good songs only!!

It’s got everything, you have your favorite Ed Sheeran bops, classic throwbacks like Stacy’s Mom, songs that just scream summer like Cheeseburger in Paradise, those iconic pop hits like Sucker and so. much. more. goodness. If you’re like ok that’s way too much work, have no fear you can just listen to my playlist (linked below)! Or if you’re interested try making a collaborative playlist with your friends. I did this for my Gal Pal roadtrip for my sister's wedding in Charleston, and you can check out that super fun blog here! It’s a playlist that I listen to alllll the time. With a collaborative playlist you get more variety, new music to discover and because of the range in taste, it’s usually perfect for a party! 

Nothing gets me better in the mood for something than music. And if it’s created perfectly to encompass a specific mood there’s no way it won’t work. So get in the summer mood with mine, or your own perfect playlist! 

My Spotify profile (I have lots of public playlists!)

My summer playlist SUNNY

My collaborative roadtrip playlist Gal Pals Roadtrip (not sorry for all the One Direction throwbacks)

Happy jamming!