Vernon Favorites

I’m super excited/nervous to share this blog post with you guys because I’m trying out a new style of post for this one! This post features all of my favorite places to hit around Vernon, NJ and Warwick, NY!! I feel like I’m one of the few people who grew up to love where they live. The North Jersey and Orange County area is freakin GORGEOUS! I’ll be the first to admit that there’s not a plethora of things to do here, but there are just enough to make a day or weekend trip up here totally worth it. And if you’re one of those people like me, who LOVE themed activities and anything that fits perfectly into an aesthetic you’ll loooove coming to North Jersey. Every season up here has its own set of amazing places to hit to highlight the best parts of the season whether its summer, fall (MY FAVE!) or winter!

Now the places I’m highlighting today can really be visited all year round and I wasn’t planning on making this specifically for summer but these 6 spots are especially nice in the summer time! Also unplanned is the fact that almost all of these involve some type of food but if you’re from around this area you know that almost everything to do here involves either some type of outdoor activity or eating which I’m totally not complaining about! So if you’re a foodie like me, you’ll DEF like this post!

The first spot we’re hitting today is Dairy Swirl! I’m kind of obsessed with ice cream and always have been. I visit the Ben & Jerry’s factory up in VT at least twice a year so needless to say, I love me some ice cream. Dairy Swirl is my FAVORITE ice cream spot in the area (sorry Bellvale - I like your view though!!) it is sooooo good! They serve such a big variety of homemade flavors that range from your basic chocolate and vanilla, to more fun ones like devil dog and cake batter, to seasonal flavors like apple pie and pumpkin pie! I have never been disappointed with a trip to Dairy Swirl which typically happens at least once a week with some friends after dinner. Whether you’re getting a cone, shake or sundae Dairy Swirl’s delicious flavors will not disappoint!!

Next up is the Candy Apple! I grew up visiting the Candy Apple right down the road from my home in Glenwood and they always had the chocolate I was craving. The Candy Apple is located right next to the Apple Valley Inn which you know I love as I’ve done two sessions there this year! (You can see Abby’s session here and Marcy and David’s session here!) I visited their (relatively) new location in Warwick, NY for this post and it is one of my favorite places to stop while walking along mainstreet. You walk into the smell of delicious chocolate and a seriously friendly staff who are there to grant you all your chocolatey wishes! The Candy Apple is the place to go for any candy or chocolate craving you have. They have absolutely everything you can imagine from my favorite chocolate covered potato chips, homemade fudge and their specialty - chocolate covered candy apples! Not that weird red stuff you get at the fair, I’m talking a whole apple dipped in chocolate and all the toppings you can imagine...yeah, you have to try it!

We’re heading back into Vernon to one of the newest, coolest places to hit all year round and that is the Daily Bean! The Daily Bean is the hot spot to hang in Vernon, I’m telling you you can spend hooouuurss there, and people do! It’s the perfect place to go hang with friends, take your visiting family to, or get some work done! They have all the delicious lattes and teas you can imagine and not to mention a HUGE assortment of flavors, my favorite is Glazed Cinnamon Roll! The main reason to visit the Daily Bean is to see the owner’s dog Bean! She is the sweetest little French Bull Dog. She’s a little shy but if you ask an employee nicely they may give you some cheese to give her! The Daily Bean is located in a historic building which adds that perfect charm you look for in a small coffee shop and it’s surrounded by the most beautiful overgrown garden along a brook which creates the most peaceful atmosphere to sip your coffee in! If you want a homemade sweet treat, a sandwich for lunch, or just a coffee on the go - this is the place to get it. And if you stop by you might see a familiar face working there ;)

Up in Warwick, NY is one of my favorite places, Pennings! I don’t even know what to call it cause you can do everything there! I go for the delicious hard cider they make, but they also have a veggie/garden market, apple picking, beer garden, and restaurant! Pennings is the perfect place to spend a few hours. They often have live music, adorable goats you can feed and the perfect country atmosphere for those visiting from out of town! They offer plenty of local eats and drinks that are oh so satisfying in such a chill environment that’s perfect for just hanging out with friends!

Next is my only place in this post that doesn’t involve any food, but is just as great! Frazzleberries on mainstreet in Warwick is one of my favorite local stores to shop in! It’s a small country store that has everything you can imagine. I go there for every gift I need for friends and myself! I ALWAYS stop in when I’m in Warwick, honestly it’s like Target where you say you’re just gonna pop in and you end up walking out with a bunch of bags! They have the BEST smelling candles, locally made products and all the knick knacks you can imagine! Frazzleberries is a must do in Warwick and I definitely promise you’ll leave with at least one thing you’ll loooove!

Lastly is my FAVORITE restaurant to go to - Fetch! Fetch is a bar and grill also located on mainstreet in Warwick that is DOG THEMED. I MEAN, CMON. Pictures of dogs line the walls along with locally made close up paintings of dogs that are SO colorful and cute! Fetch serves your classic bar food from burgers and salads to delicious flatbreads and pasta dishes! One of my favorites is the calamari appetizer that they sneak a few fried lemons into, I know it sounds weird but they’re SO GOOD. Their cleverly named dog themed cocktails are to die for, and if you’re feeling up for it head to Fetch for brunch - you will not be disappointed! I think I celebrate my birthday there almost every year, and if you do too you may get your dessert served in a dog bowl! Fetch is the perfect family friendly place to visit when you want a good meal and a fun environment to eat it in. I can’t say enough how much a love Fetch, you need to get there ASAP!

And that’s it for my favorites around Vernon and Warwick! These are some of the best local places around that I’ve never had a bad experience at. I hope you get all the inspiration for your next gal pal hang, or your trip to North Jersey and Orange County!