I had my first engagement session of the year recently and I cannot wait to share it with you all! Amber and Frank are the sweetest couple and spending the evening with them was so much fun. They are the definition of young and in love, they were so playful with each other during the session it was soooo cute!

Frank is a Corporal Infantry Team leader in the Marine Corps so he’s away a lot, but he came home Memorial Day weekend when I got to meet them for the first time! They ended up tying the knot with close family and friends that weekend, but are planning a bigger celebration next year. So honestly their engagement photos are technically newlywed photos? If that’s a thing...either way they are amazing!

Amber and Frank are high school sweethearts, and if that’s not enough for you, he was on the football team and she was a cheerleader. I’m telling you, their love story could be a movie! Together they love to cook, go on hikes, take Frank’s dog to the park, or just stay in and watch some movies. Frank's sister also has 2 little boys so they love spending time with them as well! I also have to note how much they talked about dogs and having puppies one day to start their family, and I loved that! Dog people are my kind of people for sure.

Their engagement story perfectly fits into the movie that is their life! It was Christmas (good start already right?!) and they normally open gifts with both their families on Christmas Eve, but Frank was making Amber wait to open her gift until Christmas Day. He kept saying it was a puppy, but she was really hoping for a sweater she really wanted. The next day came, and she opened the gift to the sweater, and Frank asked her to try it on. She thought nothing of it until everyone dropped what they were doing to watch. When she put it on, she reached into the pocket to find a beautiful ring in a jewelry box and was so surprised! She of course said yes and it’ll be a Christmas she’ll never forget! 

Amber and Frank are a laid back, fun-loving, adventurous couple who cannot wait to start their lives together. Frank cannot wait to see Amber walk down the aisle and Amber is excited to see how the whole day comes together! I cannot wait to celebrate next year with their family and friends, almost a whole year after they officially became husband and wife.