Spending the afternoon with Keri, Tim, and their dogs Blazer and Honey was a treat! It was such a relaxed session watching them play with their pups and getting to know them both. They knew they wanted to do their session at their home so Honey and Blazer could run around and we could showcase their beautiful little pond! From the perfect foliage to their giggles and pups all over, it was fall perfection.

Keri and Tim are just the perfect pair. They balance each other out like Tim always reminding Keri to never take life too seriously, and Keri being the kind-hearted rock that Tim needs. Every adventure in the mountains, ski trip, or date exploring new breweries brings them a little closer together. They love to go kayaking and hiking and love visiting places like the Adirondacks and Vermont!

They met 6 years ago while they were both out with friends, and that's just where the connection started. Fast forward and the proposal didn't go according to Tim's plan but turned out perfect anyway. They were meant to go on a hike, but in turn, stayed home to fish in their pond. Sure enough, Keri caught a fish and as she turned to Tim, he was down on one knee proposing. It was totally unexpected to Keri and a moment they'll both always remember!

Next fall, all of Keri and Tim's friends and family will be together for the first time to celebrate their love. That is what they are looking forward to the most. I cannot wait for their wedding at the Conservatory at the Sussex Fairgrounds, because if it was as light-hearted and fun as their engagement session was, it will be a night to remember!