I have not been able to keep my cool from shooting this session to editing and putting this blog together. The only way I can describe how I've felt towards it is, !!!!!!!. I hope you understand what that means. A last minute reschedule because of, you guessed it, RAIN - led to the most perfect fall engagement session. A perfectly overcast evening at Shelburne Farms with Casey and Matt ended with a stunning sunset over the lake. Between Casey and Matt being their adorable selves to every stunning backdrop this location provided, I couldn't have asked for a better combination. They made my job too easy!

I met Casey and Matt the night of their engagement session and they instantly made me feel like one of their friends. Not only were they willing to put up with my silly prompts and poses, but they were so so lovely to walk around with and get to know! Their love story started when they were in college after meeting the very first week of their freshman year at Binghamton University. Mett ended up transferring the following year and going to basic training for the air guard. They kept in touch all that time writing letters to each other. After they finally started dating, fast forward 3 years to Casey moving to Vermont to be with Matt and the rest is history!

Casey's favorite part about being with Matt is how easy it is to joke, relax, and be comfortable around him. She found a friend in him before falling in love, and will always appreciate that time. Matt calls Casey his home. He instantly felt the comfort in her and loves how generous and caring she is. To sum it up, they were on the same page from the very start and their bond only grew as their relationship formed. Together they love to take their dog, Bailey, on walks, and go to concerts and breweries. Their perfect date night is dinner and drinks followed by playing games and listening to new music together.

Casey and Matt got engaged last fall, and it was a total surprise for Casey! Matt had planned a special, but low-key, day for them going to the local coffee shop and bakery and enjoying the fall day. They had been disc golfing at Hard’ack par and when they reached the top of the hill, Matt proposed. Casey was totally shocked! Her friend had been there secretly taking photos in the bushes. Afterward, they met up with friends for drinks when the surprises kept coming with Casey's mom (from NYC) and brother (from Philly) were there to celebrate. With both of their families and closest friends there they had such a special day. Casey and Matt cannot wait to have everyone in the same room again to celebrate, get married, and party the night away!