I was SO excited the moment Sarah and Richie got engaged, for them of course, and because I knew I would get to take some very fun pictures with them. Lo and behold, maybe a week after their proposal I got the text from Sarah. Sarah is my best friend's older sister, I've shot her bestie's wedding (and maternity!) photos, and so it was only a matter of time until I got the chance to capture her love story. If you know Sarah then you know her idea of wanting autumnal, moody, and maybe a little spooky engagement pictures is totally on brand. I was so dang excited to bring that vision to life. We were able to squeeze in a day this fall on a warm evening.

Sarah's rendition of how they met, is one of my favorite "how we met" stories to this day. Sarah and Richie met 11 years ago when she was working at Mountain Creek. Richie's cousin, Robert, had asked out Sarah's best friend at the time. Sarah tagged along as a buffer, so Robert brought along Richie. They went to Mountain Creek for the Special Olympics opening ceremonies where they had recruited some of the snowboard instructors to go down the mountain holding flares. Robert met them at the lodge and called Richie over to say hi. He waved, and promptly left to get his flare and snowboard to ride down the mountain. Sarah admits looking back, it makes perfect sense that their meeting was brief since snowboarding and fire were involved on Richie's part. Their evening ended with a high five and 11 years later, here they are, engaged.

Together they are easy-going, fun-loving, and an outdoorsy couple. They love spending time with Richie's son Braydon, and their dogs, Koda and Freya. Sarah and Richie love hiking, camping, boating, and traveling. Throw in some new food to try and you've got their perfect date night. What Sarah loves about Richie is how passionate he is. He is always willing to learn something new, get his hands dirty, and support Sarah in all of her crazy ideas and DIY endeavors. Meanwhile, Richie admires Sarah's confidence and independence. He sees how smart, funny, and beautiful she is, and knows that even while doing nothing, they can have the best time together. They've been through so much in the past 11 years and have grown together, and separately at times. Now, Sarah and Richie are ready to see how they will grow in the future as husband and wife.

Sarah and Richie are another couple of mine I can add to the list of those who love and travel up to Vermont pretty often! Remember Richie's cousin Robert from when they met? He's up here in VT and helped Richie plan the perfect proposal at no place other than the summit of Mt. Mansfield of course. The three of them, Braydon, Robert's friend, and all their dogs loaded up the car at sunset and started making their way up the toll road. On their way up, they stopped for dinner outside at a mid-mountain lodge that overlooked the valley. Before sunset closed in, they made their way to the summit. As they were taking some photos, that's when Richie popped the question. They celebrated at the mountain top with a bottle of prosecco that was sneakily hidden in one of their bags. And now, they're getting ready to tie the know. They cannot wait to celebrate next fall with of their family and friends.