Dani and Jake's engagement session honestly couldn't have gone better. They were up visiting Vermont for the weekend, and after having rain all week and forecast for the weekend, we were weary how it would go! But, it was the most gorgeous day in Burlington we could have asked for. The temperature was comfortable, the sun was just right and it turned out to be a pretty incredible session.

Dani and Jake chose to have their engagement session in Burlington because that's where they met just a few years ago! Both of them were attending UVM when they met while Jake was assisting in one of Dani's classes. They kept catching a glimpse of each other's gaze when after class, Jake introduced himself and asked Dani out on a date. This quick exchange led to rock climbing dates, homecooked meals, and a lot of new adventures exploring Burlington.

When I asked what makes the other your person, Dani and Jake both went on to say how they each bring out the best in each other. Dani is kind, patient, adventurous, and never goes to bed angry. Jake is Dani's rock. He's committing to their growth as partners, ambitious, yet kind, and brings Dani so much joy. Their perfect dates are actually multi-day adventures! After being long-distance for a bit, they got used to meeting up for entire weekends just to spend some time together. Now that shapes how they spend quality time with some of their favorite places being Maine, a Vineyard in Upstate NY, Quebec City, Montreal, Cape Cod (off season), Portland ME, Acadia, and NYC. But some of the best nights include sunsets, a bottle of wine, and a home cooked meal.

Dani and Jake's proposal story represents their relationship to a tee. They were on a road trip through the Southwest US, starting in San Diego visiting friends and going to the zoo, then heading to Joshua Tree, Zion, and the Grand Canyon. The day they went to Joshua Tree was Dani's 25th birthday, and the whole trip was her first time out west. She suspected a proposal would be coming on their trip, but thought her birthday would be too obvious! They went to a trail called Barker Dam where there was supposed to be a reservoir, but it was dried up. They climbed up some huge rock formations for an incredible view, and Jake set up his phone to take a "self-timer picture" which ended up being a video. They took in the view and "posed" for a few minutes before he got down on one knee. Dani burst into tears of joy and said yes. It was just the start of their trip, so they were able to spend the rest of their time celebrating!

They have to wait for some tie before they tie the knot next September at Mad River Barn. But, they are so incredibly excited to celebrate with their friends and family. Dani and Jake are so looking forward to being surrounded by everyone they love, and who loves them. I can't wait to see the joy on their big day!