Melanie and Quinn's engagement session was something else. If there was ever a time to reschedule a session, it would have been this day. But Melanie and Quinn were up in Vermont for the weekend doing all the wedding things and decided to stick out the weather we faced! They were in such good spirits the wintery vibe was so dreamy, but there were 50 mph wind gusts and what felt like little icicles pelting us the entire time. Yet, these two look as sweet and happy as ever to be there - together!

Getting to know them was such a blast. They are so laid back, up for anything, and complement each other perfectly! They couldn't stop laughing the entire time, and I swear they just finish each other's sentences. Like the start of many good love stories, Melanie and Quinn met in college. After some exchanges, they couldn't get enough of each other. But, it was only after a ski trip Melanie had with her dad and brother where they crashed on Quinn's family's couch when he asked, "so do you want to make this a thing?". If that's not love I don't know what is!

 As a couple, Melanie and Quinn are the fun ones. The ones everyone is inviting to the party! Adventurous and so fun to be around. Together, some of their favorite things to do include mountain biking, skiing, and climbing. They love a good night out exploring the city they now call home, too! A perfect date night for them looks like spending the entire day together outside, probably getting a little bit dirty, and ending it on the couch with some good beers. Melanie and Quinn's ideal day was reflected perfectly in their proposal!

Quinn spontaneously planned a trip up to Vermont for the weekend for him and Melanie. They stayed in an Airbnb and woke up early to hike Camel's Hump. Once they reached the top, Quinn was acting slightly strange being very particular about where to sit and take a photo which Melanie was suspicious of. Then, just like in college almost 10 years later, he turned to her and asked, "so do you want to make this a thing?" Melanie of course said yes and they soaked in the moment with celebratory beers and unmatched views. After, they went out to lunch at Pro Pig when Quinn surprised Melanie with a stay at the Von Trapp Lodge for the night. It was truly their perfect weekend.

They cannot wait to officially tie the knot up here in Vermont, where they met! Melanie and Quinn will be celebrating this summer at Zenbarn Farms. They are most looking forward to friends and family from different parts of their life to come together, and for some, meet for the first time! I am so looking forward to celebrating with them both!