Boy do I love a winter engagement session! There's something just so magical about winter you can't replicate any other time of year. Kayla and Mark braved the cold on the Lake Champlain waterfront with their pup, Porter, and I am so glad they did. We lucked out with a chilly, but calm day, in Charlotte which made the perfect backdrop for their engagement photos. We couldn't get enough of the mountain view, and the rustic, covered bridge was just the icing on the cake. It was truly a picture perfect morning!

Kayla and Mark are my kind of people. Instead of date night, they love to have entire date days! These days typically usually consist of finding outdoor spots for food and drinks and doing something before or after like a hike, arcade, or golfing. And golfing is what actually brought these two together. Kayla applied for a position at the golf club Mark directs at. When she went in for an interview she immediately fell for him but knew it wouldn't work as he would be her boss. During her time there, they got to know each other as friends. During the golf season, they both ended up in Florida for different reasons but decided to meet up anyway. After a long special night, with one goodnight kiss on the cheek Kayla knew she had fallen for him. When returning home, the golf season ended but the sparks had just begun.

Mark is Kayla's person because of how he's funny, loving, caring of others, ambitious, and strong willed. He does everything he can to make Kayla comfortable and happy, and she knows she'll always be taken care of. Mark knew from the beginning they were destined to be together. She lights up his life each and every day, and he cherishes every single moment they get to spend together. Their proposal story combines the perfect amount of familiarity and comfort, with something new and unexpected. A little like the two of them! Kayla and Mark were headed to a familiar spot on a hike to stop for lunch overlooking the water. They came across a cut off trail that led to a bench over looking the water and that's where they decided to stop and eat. Now, Kayla and Mark are always on the same page. Before they can finish each others sentences one of them ends up shouting, "get out of my head". Well, Mark put this to the test that day. Just as this had happened that day, Mark came back with, "well, what am I thinking now?". Kayla carefully considered how it had to be spontaneous. But before she knew it, Mark began telling her how much he loves her and asks "will you be my wife and marry me?". Kayla sat there in disbelief with tears in my eyes and mouth agape. Mark had to remind her that she still had to say yes!