I am so excited to share this session with the world for a lot of reasons. The days leading up to the session called for snowy rain and cold temps, but last minute everything changed and we had sunny skies and a beautiful view of Mt. Mansfield. Julia, David, and I planned to hike Stowe Pinnacle for those gorgeous 360 views of the valley, but once we reached this open spot with a perfect view of the mountain we just fell in love! It made for the perfect first Vermont session for me!

Julia and David were such troopers! It was still a bit chilly but they came prepared and beared with me as I made them hang out on the windy trail. Julia and David are outdoorsy in the truest sense of the word. As a couple, they love hiking, camping, and canoeing especially if it's followed by a stop at a brewery or for a good creemee. I loved getting to know them both and hearing them talk about their love story, their love for Julia's cat Mochi and their crazy camping adventures.

The craziest camping story they had to share was their proposal! They were on their second Boundry Waters canoe trip in Minnesota for a nine day adventure. Finally, on the seventh day, they secured their campsite which was the same one from their first trip, and had an amazing overlook for the sunset. All day there was high wind, thunder rolling in and a storm on the way. Despite the conditions they did not want to miss the sunset, so they packed snacks and rain gear and headed up. Once up there, David grabbed the ring and a notebook and got down on one knee, and preceded to recite his poem to Julia. In awe, Julia listened to David as moody clouds and stormy winds surrounded them. After Julia of course said yes, the rain came and it made for a moment neither of them will ever forget.

Julia and David are so excited for their rustic, boho wedding this fall at Zenbarn in Vermont! They cannot wait to be surrounded by friends and family for a chill, vegetarian food-filled wedding day.