I met Jill and Nik early on a chilly spring day and let me just say, they were so much fun to be around. With spring in the air and little blossoms on surrounding trees, they were giggly and energetic - a perfect combination. Jill and Nik’s wedding is right around the corner, next month actually, so I was so happy to spend some time with them which made me even more excited for their big day!

As it turns out, I went to high school with Jill and Nik and that’s when they met. Most of us from the classes of 2015-2017 can tell at least a bit of their story because their relationship was known by the school. Those cutie soccer players who had proms together, practices, you know, all those big high school events. While they already knew each other, they didn’t start talking until Jill posted a “like for a tbh” status on Facebook, and that’s how it all started!

These two are just meant to be together. They are both future teachers, both love binging Marvel movies with allll the snacks, playing soccer of course and are two high-spirited puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together. Together Jill and Nik are goofy, outdoorsy, and fun-loving and their bond over cats is totally undeniable! They have two furbabies Callie and Bella which they just adore. 

Nik popped the question not that long ago! Because Jill and Nik are finishing up school, and before everyone went back this past fall, they decided to celebrate Jill’s birthday with everyone. Jill thought it was just a regular get-together before everyone parted ways for school, little did she know Nik had another plan. They got all dressed up, went out to dinner, and to Jill’s surprise, surrounded by close family and friends, Nik had proposed! And to no alumni of VTHS’s surprise, she said yes!

During their engagement session, Jill and Nik told me about their passion for their cats, the story of how Nik initially asked Jill out, right at Maple Grange, and about the memorial tree planted there for Nik’s mom. The more we spoke the more they surprised me with connections to the area. Getting to know them made me wish we were friends back in the day! But I’m so glad I get to be part of this special time in their lives.

engaged couple hold hands and walks in a field
engaged couple wraps arms around each other in field
black and white of couple dancing in a field
couple dances in a field in front of mountains
fiance leans in for a kiss while she giggles

Jill and Nik are the very first of their friend group to get married so they just cannot wait to celebrate with everyone! From their budding high school relationship to these engagement pictures and their wedding venue, everything has been connected to the area that they met which I love. I cannot wait to see what these two have dreamed up for their big day, and celebrate with their friends and family!