Margaret and Michael's session at Mountain Top Inn & Resort was magical for so many reasons. It was a beautifully sunny, chilly late fall day for these two. From the sunset, the colors, Margaret and Michael's outfits, and the fact that I got to shoot some film too, it could not have been better. It was a joy to have them come up to Vermont to be photographed in the place where they met!

These two are just the perfect pair. They balance each other out and bring the best out of each other. It was practically love at first sight for them both. Margaret loves how many interests they share, but she feels she still learns something new every day with Michael. She is Michael's perfect sidekick. He loves how endlessly supportive and kind she is, acting as his best friend, comedic relief, and his person to lean on. It was a joy to photograph these two as they giggled together, hand in hand, as they followed all of my silly prompts.

Margaret and Michael met on a ski trip on New Year's Eve in Killington. Michael's childhood best friend went to college with Margaret, and when they met, it was an instant connection. As a couple, they are outdoorsy, active, and fun loving. They love a good party or show, and traveling the world together. Margaret and Michel's perfect date night is cooking homemade penne alla vodka, playing something on the record player, and sharing a great bottle of wine. From traveling around the world, like to their favorite place, Romania, to staying at home cozying up with their pup, Bowie, they are happiest when they're together.